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Writer's Block: Put it all together, it spells Mother

Jun. 8th, 2011 | 05:46 pm
mood: crazy crazy

What's the most important lesson your mom taught you?

That knowledge is power, family is the most important..

A few words...

Oct. 28th, 2009 | 05:29 pm
location: couch
mood: bored bored
music: let me hear your voice - big bang

~(my heart’s word’s)~
Crash my heart, crash my world, I, we could loose everything in this one moment crash..
Unending dark, lost in the dark, searching for the missing part, where is the light? ..
You are ….. Lost, in this dark haze, my vision blurs and I search for you, my unknown savior, please don’t leave me here..
Cold ice, frozen place, it’s so cold, why is that? In this frozen lake lies my sanctuary, my hidden space..
Losing my sunset, to the misty nights I cant control, to the midnight sky with it’s sparkling lights, I will let it’s glow shine on me, and guide may way to the right..
Broken doll, I can feel my hinges rust, and my luster turn to dust, my eyes loose their light, can I be saved? ..
Coldest place is here, in my heart it’s frozen with no hope, it’s frozen and I don’t know why, where is the light I so desperately seek..
I found you early my song, you hum in my ears the sweetest lullabies, your whispers so tender, your touch so gentle, that it play’s with the strings of my heart..
Past is unneeded here, I don’t need the old toys form the closet, nor the clothes from the dusty room, I cant need the pictures too, I’m not allowed to remember the pains form those memory filled distance..
You!? Or is it!?, who are you? The one in the shining armor, are you my unknown savior, no it cant be that, is it you who spent your years with me on the swings of time, where the flowers grow and never stop..
Autumn leaves fall like glitter, those glittering leaves fall everyday, like clockwork they dance with northern breeze, falling and shimmering brightly, for all the time I held so tightly to the person next to me..
Brightest smile, your smile cut’s through the darkness around me, your voice soothes the pain that eats me, your touch chases away the hunger I feel in my heart, your love saves me from all, even from myself..
I would die by your side, I would look after your heart in our childhood, I would protect your smile in our teen years, I would love you in the year’s to come and pass, I would stick to you like hot glue for the rest of my life..
Memoir’s of time, I remember the day I met you, the love we secretly shared, I gave you half of my heart, and you gave yours to me, the day you left me broken, was the day I promised to forget and live on..
Loved you long ago, for so long I was left out, and my heart turned to black, I loved you so dearly for ever so long, but that withered away, my battered, blackened heart, fills with ruthless hatred at your sight…
I will kill you my angel, I regret killing you my sweet, you filled me with joy, with peace and harmony, you made my life worth living, I wanted to own you, but I cant let these dirty hands tarnish you, death is a better road..
Those tears I shed dried up, I found a picture, I found a memory, a book, a locket, a key and a door, they led to places so distant but near, so painful but so dear, and If I had room for tears, the pain would ease..
Pictures are always there, my beloved stood there waiting for me to come and take him away, far away, just for tonight, just one night to let our loves radiance shine, before it’s put down, one last picture my dear, is all I need..
Those flowers grew, once in this life, I was given the chance to wish for whatever my heart pleased, I wished for some flower seeds of different kinds, I scattered them, look at this vibrant rainbow of dreams I created..
If they are fixed, why are we broken, the whole world can be fixed, a clock, a doll, a dream, a friendship, everything, you once said it to me, the let me ask why, couldn’t you fix my tiny broken heart..
I left my heart in your hands, when all things are said and done, when the last of breaths leaves me, I entrust you with a box, don’t open till valentines day, in those warm hands of yours, you hold my heart..
A year passes, are you okay there?, I wonder as I watch you through the glass, how you are over there, what do you do each day, did anything change, if you still drink your coffee black, or walk the dog every morning, or do you still have the ring we got..
Forget-Me-Not’s, I remember you - thank you, those flower of blue, they bloom in spring, when the rain clear’s away all the haze, leaves us vulnerable and open, at the end of the road you can see the glimmering color’s of the rainbow..
My love for you is real, my heart beats for you, I long to see your smile, I would gladly drown in the soft blues of you shimmering eyes, I would dance in the rain, scream your name, and love you till the ending day, I hope with my all that you‘d love me too..

-- Fallen Rou …

A little about my crazy self...

Oct. 9th, 2009 | 07:19 pm
location: living room- couch
mood: indescribable indescribable
music: V.I.P by Big Bang

hi, there everyone!!
for tonights show is a lil intro about myself~

hobbies: drawing, singing, dancing, writting, reading...
how I spend my day, hmm
usually i would wake up, get dressed, head to the kitchen and drink tea with milk (I'm tea powered!!), head to the gym, go home and sit on the laptop or read a book depending on my mood...
I'm a V.I.P addict !! Big Bang rules!!
something about my personality:
I'm friendly and shy, when I make a friend I would care for them and stay by their side if they need me, I can be a smarty and sarcastic, I can day dream and be imagintive alot , I can be a bit crazy and weired... but oh well that's me and gotta accept it~
likes: tea (of'course), Kwon Ji Yong, Big Bang, kittens=LOVE, fluffy cuddly things, hugging my pink squishy pillow when I sleep (it's so soft and squishy you'd wish you had it!!), music of all kinds, dairy/ journal, chocolate, ice-cream, sushi...
~well thats it for tonight~ ~hope you enjoyed the show~

- FR...